Sheffield is the UK’s Greenest City

In November 2021 the city was credited as being the UK’s greenest city as part of NatWest and the University of Southampton’s ‘Green Cities’ report.

The Numbers Say it All

  • 1/3 of Sheffield is part of the Peak District. The infamous Kinder Scout Trespass in 1932 led to the creation of the UK’s first National Park. And luckily for us, one whole third of our city lies within the Peak District.
  • There are 4.5 million trees. Combining our street trees, parks, woodlands and reserves we have more per person than any other city in Europe, with 70 ancient woodlands.
  • There is an impressive 61% of green space. As far as we are aware, we have the highest percentage of green space of any city in the world. This Greenground Map of the city highlights 356 of these, to help show you how they can all be connected, wherever you happen to be in the city so you can start exploring!

Find out more about getting outdoors in Sheffield at

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