15-18 September 2020
Hilton Liverpool City Centre

Day 1

Wednesday 16th September 2020


Registration & Refreshments



Welcome to 2020 & Introductory Remarks / Information

Conference Chair, Clare Ledingham

Session 1 BSPD Sugar Summit: Sugar, Obesity and Food Marketing

Co-Chairs: Clare Ledingham 

0900-0930 Reducing Sugar Intakes in the UK
Dr Alison Tedstone, Deputy Director Diet, Obesity and Physical Activity / Chief Nutritionist at Public Health England

1.       Overview of the government approach to tackle childhood obesity
2.       Understanding the sugar reduction journey from evidence into action
3.       Update on business progress towards sugar reduction



0930-1000 Food Marketing and Children’s Eating Behaviour

Dr Emma Boyland, Psychological Sciences, University of Liverpool

1.     Describe food marketing prevalence across primary media
2.     Describe food marketing power across primary media
3.     Describe the evidence that food marketing influences eating behaviour in children



1000-1030 Food Marketing, Public Health and Children’s Rights

Professor Amandine Garde, Law & NCD Unit, School of Law and Social Justice, University of Liverpool

1.       Identify the relationship between food marketing and children’s rights
2.       Identify the implications that such relationship has for the UK government
3.       Identify the responsibilities of business actors to promote compliance with children’s rights



1030-1045 Panel Discussion and Questions led by Co-Chairs


Break & Poster Viewing

Session 2 Advocating for Vulnerable Children & Their Oral Health

Co-Chairs: Diana Critchlow and Laura Gartshore

1115-1145 Adverse Childhood Experiences & Housing Vulnerability

Charlotte Waite, ACE Aware, Public Health Wales

1.     Give an overview of the ACEs research
2.     Discuss what this has meant for public services – examples from the police, housing and health visiting
3.     Consider what it means to be trauma informed (both in practice and at a system level)



1145-1215 Vulnerable Families and the Impact on Child Oral Health & the Battle to Advocate for Children and Families Who Suffer Inequalities

Charlotte Waite, Chair of the BDA England Community Dental Services Committee

1.     Have a better understanding of what constitutes a vulnerable patient group
2.     Have a better understanding of advocacy strategies to improve oral health outcomes for children and their families
3.     Be more confident in recognising oral health inequalities in vulnerable patient groups for both adults and children and what can be done to reduce these



1215-1245 Childhood Adversity Brain Development and Life Course Legacy

Dr Aideen Naughton Service Lead / Designated Doctor for National Safeguarding Team (NHS Wales)

1.       Understand key aspects of normal brain development across the life course.
2.       Gain oversight of the impact of adversities and stress on the brain.
3.       Introduce the ecobio developmental framework to aid understanding of why ACEs may lead to lifelong impairments in learning, physical and mental health



1245-1300 Panel Discussion and Questions led by Co-Chairs


Lunch & Poster Viewing (plus sponsors sessions)

Session 3 Research Prize Presentations

Co-Chairs: Helen Rodd and Nathalie Gallichan 

1400-1530 6 x 15 minutes


1530 Break & Poster Presentations & Judging

6 x 5 minutes

Session 4 Teamwork & TV

Co-Chairs: Judi Humphreys and Claudia Heggie

1600-1620 What’s on TV?

Andrew Jones, Specialist in Paediatric Dentistry

1.     To identify popular children’s television & online programmes
2.     To identify age specific characters to help communicate with paediatric patients
3.     Consider how children’s viewing is impacting their oral health



1620-1630 Rethinking the Delivery of Oral Hygiene Education

Beth Powe, RDN and Trainee Orthodontic Therapist

1.     Explain the importance of the DCP role in the delivery of oral health education
2.     Apply new methods of delivering oral health to patients
3.     Encourage clinicians to support the DCP to gain new knowledge and skills in delivering better oral health education



16.30-16.35 Panel Discussion and Questions led by Co-Chairs
1635-1700 Annual General Meeting 


Angel of The North Quiz

Day 2

Thursday 17th September 2020


Connect Academic Breakfast: Registration required. Further details to follow

Yoga for Stress, with Amanda Roberts: Amanda has been practising yoga for over 20 years and gained her yoga alliance approved qualification in ashtanga yoga in 2018. She is particularly interested in how yoga can manage stress, through working to align the breathing and movement to help us stay in the present moment. Her classes encompass this idea, working with a strong slow flow through the postures, finishing with a short meditation/relaxation to clear the mind and help restore focus. Registration required. Further details to follow

You’ll Never Run Alone, with Scott Wright: Scott made the move from Glasgow to Liverpool in September 2019 to commence his StR training in Paediatric Dentistry. All abilities & speeds are invited to join him for a jog around the Albert Dock and back to the conference hotel for coffee. No registration required. Further details to follow.


Registration & Refreshments 


Welcome & Introductory Remarks / Information

Conference Chair, Clare Ledingham

Session 1


Sights & Sounds of Childhood

Co-Chairs: Laura Gartshore and Rod Llewelyn


Issues with my Tissues – Being a Doctor with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome

Dr Hannah S Barham-Brown, GP Trainee and Equity Campaigner, Yorkshire and the Humber. Member of BMA Council, JDC, BMA Medical Ethics Committee, BMA Equality, & Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Group

1.     With reference to the BMA Disability Survey results, understand and appreciate the challenges faced by disabled children & health care practitioners

2.     Develop a basic understanding of Ehlers Danlos Syndrome with particular reference to issues facing dentists working with this patient group

3.     Appreciate the benefits of a diverse workforce on patient care in the NHS




Through the Eyes of a Child: Early Years Visual Development

Dr Lola Solebo, NIHR Clinician Scientist and Consultant Paediatric Ophthalmologist, Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health, London

1.     To describe the normal trajectory of childhood development of the visual functions

2.     To give an overview of childhood visual impairment in the UK

3.     To describe the multi-disciplinary approach to improving outcomes for children with, or at risk of visual impairment




Tuning In and Talking: How Parents Can Influence their Children’s Language and Development

Professor Julian Pine, Director, ESRC International Centre for Language and Communicative Development (LuCiD) at the Universities of Liverpool, Manchester and Lancaster

1.       To describe the range of variation that exists in the age at which children reach early language milestones

2.       To identify factors that predict this variation in language development

3.       To examine whether low intensity parenting interventions can promote children’s language learning




1045-1100 Panel Discussion and Questions led by Co-Chairs 


Break & Poster Viewing 

Session 2

Clinical Governance Prize Presentations

Co-Chairs: Sharon Lee and Scott Wright

1130-1300 6 x 15 minutes 


Lunch & Poster Viewing (plus sponsors sessions) 


Balloon Workshop with Dave Johnson

Registration required. Further details to follow

Session 3

Communication, Contracts and Clinical Leadership in the 2020s

Co-Chairs: Caroline Holland and Katie Davis of


The Mummy Dentist

Jemma Hook, General Dental Practitioner, Clinical Lecturer & Author of Instagram’s @themummydentist 

1.     Engaging directly and authentically with the online mum community

2.     Linking baby‘s oral health habits with their weaning journey

3.     Collaborations & using social media for health promotion




The Emerging Workforce’s Awareness and Preparedness for DCby1   

Emma Morgan, Undergraduate Ambassador for BSPD and DCby1  

1.     Awareness and preparedness for DCby1, where are we now? Where are you?

2.     The role of social media and the paediatric dentist in preparing children and healthcare professionals to deliver oral health campaigns

3.     A look to the future with respect to children’s oral health




The Trouble with Dentistry… A light-hearted look at the issues du jour

Nishma Sharma, Clinical Leadership Manager for the Office of the Chief Dental Officer, England, and Clinical Dental Advisor for NHSE

1.     Understand why the current contract is failing and how reform can incentivise prevention

2.     Understand how the new workforce want to work and how new clinical pathways to support them must be sought

3.     Understand leadership-phobia and how primary care leadership can make a difference



1500-1515 Panel Discussion and Questions led by Co-Chairs 


Break & DCP Poster Presentations & Judging

6 x 3 minutes

Session 4

Clinical Case Prize Presentations

Co-Chairs: Janine Bailey and Yang See Chau

1530-1700 6 x 15 minutes


Conference Dinner 

Day 3

Friday 18th September 2020


Registration & Refreshments


Welcome & Introductory Remarks / Information

Conference Chair, Clare Ledingham


BSPD’s Outstanding Innovation Award Presentation

Winner of BSPD’s Outstanding Innovation Award Presentation

TBC March 2020



Theme 1

Current Concepts and Innovations in Dentistry for Children: A Multidisciplinary Team

Chair: Sondos Albadri and Greig Taylor


“MI” management of compromised first permanent molars (FPMs)

Professor Avijit Banerjee, Chair in Cariology & Operative Dentistry, Hon. Consultant / Clinical Lead, Restorative Dentistry (Guy’s & St Thomas’ Hospital Foundation Trust)

1.     List the common conditions affecting FPMs and be made aware of the current management guidelines

2.     Gain clinical and scientific knowledge regarding minimally invasive selective carious tissue removal for deep carious lesions

3.     List the properties and uses of modern adhesive bio-interactive materials to restore such teeth clinically




Pictures and stories, the life of a traumatised tooth

Professor Fadi Jarad, Professor and Honorary Consultant in Restorative Dentistry, University of Liverpool  

1.     Describe sequelae of dentoalveolar trauma from children to adults

2.     Discuss the role of a multi-disciplinary team and transitional service in managing complex dental trauma

3.     Outline the team approach to caring for patients with dental trauma






Thank God They Are No Longer My Problem! Do We Care About Transitional Care?  

Dr Sally Hibbert, Children’s Hospital at Westmead, Sydney

1. Understand the transition pathway, enabling appropriate referrals.
2. Identify with the anxieties of patients and carers negotiating the transition pathway.
3. Develop and implement pragmatic treatment plans to complement future care.




The Benefits and Limitations of CBCT in the Child Patient

Dr Jimmy Makdissi, Senior Lecturer / Honorary Consultant in Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology, Queen Mary University of London

1.     Selection Criteria for the use of CBCT in children

2.     The limitations of CBCT

3.     The training requirements of CBCT for the practicing clinician



1230-1245 Panel Discussion and Questions led by Co-Chairs
1245-1300 Close of Conference: Launch of BSPD 2021 

Closing Remarks

Incoming President, Sondos Albadri

1330 CONNECT Lunch


Group Meetings


Key Dates

Submission Open

Monday 18 November 2019

Submission Closes

Thursday 30 April 2020

Early Bird
Registration Deadline

Friday 31 July 2020

Other features of the conference

Poster presentations

Trainee Event

Clinical Research Prize Presentations


Key Themes and Speakers

Sugar, obesity and food marketing

Dr Alison Tedstone,

Chief Nutritionist Public Health England

Prof Amandine Garde,
University of Liverpool

Dr Emma Boyland,
University of Liverpool

Advocating for vulnerable children and their oral health

Charlotte Waite,


Sights and Sounds of Childhood in 2020

Sally Hibbert,

Consultant Paediatric Dentist, Sydney, Australia

Advocating for Children’s Oral Health


Advances in clinical dentistry

Prof Avi Banerjee,

King’s College London

Prof Fadi Jarad,
University of Liverpool

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