The BSPD Annual Meeting 2019

10th – 13th SEPTEMBER 2019 | BIRMINGHAM, UK
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Study Day hosted by Teacher’s Branch

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0900 Registration & Refreshments 

 Welcome to the BSPD Study Day 2019, Hosted by Teacher’s Branch

 Laura Gartshore, Chair of BSPD Teachers’ Branch

Theme 1  Innovations in Assessment and Feedback: How Do You Do?

How shall we know them?

Professor Sheila Oliver

Director of Assessment, School of Dentistry, Cardiff


1.     Assessment and feedback  – an overview

2.     Failure to Fail

3.     What’s new in assessment and feedback


Helping students to accept and use feedback

Mark Jellicoe

Lecturer in Psychology (Dental Education)


Understanding the practitioner’s role in:

1.     Promoting feedback awareness and reflection

2.     Fostering appropriate goal setting techniques

3.     Consideration of theoretical frameworks


Research in assessment and feedback

Amanda Roberts

Clinical Lecturer, University of Liverpool


1.     How can we get students to reflect on feedback given on clinic? Review of literature and results of research

2.     What issues do staff have, with assessment and giving feedback on clinic? Review of literature and results of research

3.     What can be done to improve feedback on clinic? Recommendations

1100 Break
Theme 2 Entrustment & Quality Assurance in Training

Rating trainee performance in clinical practice- Entrustment based decisions

Laura Smith

Head of Clinical Skills Education, School of Medicine, Leeds Institute of Medical Education


1.     Consider existing approaches to workplace based learning and assessment.

2.     Explain the concept of entrustment and explore how entrustment scales can be used to quantify assessment decisions.

3.     Identify how entrustment decisions and meaningful feedback can support continuous performance improvement


Quality improvement: Training for better outcomes

Emma Vaux

Consultant nephrologist and general physician at the Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust and Senior Censor and Vice President (Education and Training) at the Royal College of Physicians


1.     Define the nature and purpose of quality improvement

2.     Describe the essential knowledge and skills for quality improvement, and how to apply theory to practice

3.     Lead and support trainees and teams to develop basic knowledge and skills to improve the quality of patient care 


How’s Your Back? Lower Back Pain in Dentistry (Interactive Session)

Sam Cope

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist & DFT Dentist


1.     Brief understanding of lower back anatomy for dentists

2.     Key pain prevention tips for lower back pain

3.     Tips for managing acute lower back pain

1250 Lunch & Undergraduate Poster Prize Session
Theme 3 Inclusion and Diversity: Facing Challenges & Bias

Unconscious and implicit bias when working with patients, employees and trainees

Josie Hastings

Training Consultant, Josie Hastings Associates Ltd, Walsall.


1.     To know how unconscious and implicit bias are defined

2.     Identify the main forms of bias and how they might affect interactions

3.     Explore ways of minimising the impact of bias in day-to-day work


 Understanding Islamophobia and its Challenge

 Dr Chris Allen

 Associate Professor, Centre for Hate Studies, University of Leicester


1.     To identify what Islamophobia is – and isn’t

2.     To consider direct and indirect forms as a means of working towards a more inclusive approach


Gender-Diversity in Children and Young People

Jan Sampson, Training Manager for Mermaids UK A charity which provides support, information and resources to gender diverse children and young people, their families and professionals


1.     Develop a greater understanding of what comes under the “Trans Umbrella”

2.     Consider laws, policies and knowledge, with visibility and advocacy

3.     Discuss practical steps to create an inclusive and diverse ethos

1530 Break
Theme 4 Hear Me Roar

 Teaching Dentistry to the Next Generation… of Vets!

Megan Clark

DCT3 in Oral Surgery and Restorative Dentistry at the Edinburgh Dental Institute


1.     Understand the basis of veterinary dentistry teaching and how this is delivered currently

2.     Barriers, enablers, curricula and feedback for teaching dentistry to UG vets

3.     Discussion of some interesting cases & how you can get involved


 Student Preparedness for DCby1

Emma Morgan

Dental Foundation Trainee & Undergraduate Ambassador for BSPD 


1.     Student awareness and preparedness for DCby1 – where are we now?

2.     Increasing awareness – what is the impact of the undergraduate ambassador?

3.     What can be done to improve preparedness?


Closing remarks & feedback

Helen Rogers, Chair Elect of BSPD Teachers’ Branch











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